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The best TIRAMISÙ in Bangkok made with Cold Brew Coffee

About Us

Welcome to our TIRAMISÙ LAB. The word TIRAMISÙ means “pick me up” in Italian. Our International Team is always on a mission to pick you up at the roof of your mouth and tickle your taste bud. That’s why we call our bakery a “LAB”. Our aim is to introduce new versions of this timeless and classic Italian dessert to you.

Cold Brew

We bath the original Savoiardi biscuits in our own Cold Brew Coffee to make sure the taste is increased to perfection.

Our monthly Special

We always aim to develop new TIRAMISU versions according to the season. Now in Bangkok Thailand the first fresh Rambutan can be seen in the markets and time for us to honor this very special fruit with the creation of a tasty Rambutan TIRAMISÙ in our LAB.

Cold Brew Coffee

Our coffee is produced at Doi Chang in Chiang Rai. Premium medium dark roast beans brewed over minimum of 16 hours.
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