The Original recipe born in Treviso,Italy. Luxurious layers of espresso and rum soaked Savoiardi biscuits, laced with a sweet cream of mascarpone cheese and crowned with dark cacao powder.

220 THB

The blend of classic dessert with Thai ingredient.

For this new version of Tiramisu, we use whipped Coconut cream instead of traditional whipped cream to give it a clever spin on a classic. A layer of shredded Coconut flesh between the mascarpone cheese and crowned with Coconut flakes perfects the taste of this tropical fruit dessert.

220 THB

A fusion between two classic desserts. Black Forest Cake and Tiramisu. The beautiful combination of mascarpone cheese, espresso, dark cacao and bright-red cherries gives this Italian dessert a refreshing new twist. The cherries make it fresh, light and give it a summer vibe.

260 THB
Cherry -final.JPG
Blueberry  TIRAMISÙ


​The flavors of traditional Tiramisu brighten up for the summer season. Our Blueberry Tiramisu is packed with sweet fruit flavor thanks to our homemade Berry syrup which we use to infuse the mascarpone cream. A batch of Blueberries as additional layer between the ladyfingers. The combination of creamy mascarpone mousse, the light crunch of ladyfingers, and tangy fruit is very yummy and refreshing. The perfect summer dessert.

260 THB


East meets West. We took the classic TIRAMISÙ and put a Japanese spin on this elegant dessert by replacing espresso with high quality Matcha green tea to soak the ladyfingers.

Matcha TIRAMISÙ supplies all the benefits of Matcha green tea and boosts your immune system.

220 THB
Macha Tiramisu.png


It’s Durian season again and we like to honor this special fruit with a new creation. The first Durian TIRAMISÙ in Thailand. Coconut cream mixed with mascarpone and layered with fresh Durian flesh. A dream for Durian lovers.

290 THB
Durian Tiramisu-1.jpg